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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Organized closets for moving

Good morning!

Yesterday I spent the day in Tampa. I was helping a wonderful lady and her mother as we went through her closet and her house. She is preparing for a move to a smaller location. We had a great time going through all of her clothes shoes and purses in all of her closets.we laughed a lot and they were such great people.

After cleaning out her closet and meeting with another woman to pick up her donations today I get to go to drop off clothes at dress for success. I usually take donations for my clients to local charities and sends them a tax receipt.there is somebody great charities around town that I use such as the mustard seed, dress for success, churches, and schools. That is the fun part of my job, I get to help as many people as possible each time I work.

This morning also went to my networking group. I get to partner with the number of businesses that complement mine and help their businesses succeed also. Now that the elections are over business is finally picking up again and I get to do what I enjoy most -- work with people.

now it's time to organize my own paperwork. When it's your own paperwork it's not as much fun. I guess I should get to it and not procrastinate like I tell my clients. Do as I say and as I do I guess!

I'll talk to you later!

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