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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Organizing Incoming Mail

Hello, all!
I just wanted to share a quick tip with all of you for organizing - I have found it to be EXTREMELY valuable!

To handle incoming mail at the office or at home, create a file box (one that will hold either a few hanging folders or manilla folders - not too large.) This box can sit on the counter or desk and should be located closest to the door and garbage can.

Create files with the following titles:
To Pay
To Act (or To Do)
To Enter
To Attend
To File
To Read

Then, use the files as follows:

To Pay - all bills and items requiring payment
To Act - Anything that you have to take action on
Pending - anything you are waiting on someone else for (catalog orders waiting to come in, anything you are waiting to talk to someone else about, etc.)
To Enter - anything that needs to be entered (or scanned) into the computer
To Attend - party invitations, meeting announcements, theme park tickets, airline tickets (anything you have to attend - make sure to RSVP and to write it in your calendar before putting it in here)
To File - papers that need to be filed in the filing cabinet (clean this out and file all of them when it gets full)
To Read - magazine articles (rip them out of the magazine,) informational papers, etc.

Also put a bag with your:
check register
return address labels calculator

in the front, you can then carry this box to wherever is convenient to pay your bills - and you can always find your things when you need them!

For more information about this system and others feel free to join me for my free discussion groups:
May 1, 5:30pm and May 8, 11:00am at Barnie's Coffee in Lake Mary, FL. For More info go to:

I would love to hear any questions or ideas you all have about organizing as well!
Suzanna Letchford
Professional Organizer