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Monday, October 13, 2008

List of Clutter-Free Holiday Gifts

Clutter-Free Holiday Gift Ideas

As an organizer, I deal with people's clutter year-round. Among this clutter is usually a pile of gifts my client has received from a loved one that isn't their style or they do not really have a use or space for, but they feel obligated to hold on to it so as not to offend anyone. The last thing we want to do when we give a gift is place pressure on that person and create guilt and negative emotions. This year I challenge all of us to make a resolution early - to make our holiday gift-giving clutter (and guilt) free.
Here is a list I have compiled of clutter-free gift ideas for the holidays. If you have any additional ideas please feel free to add to this list.
Give the gift of Art:
Live performances, such as theatre (Orlando Theatre Project :
music (Orlando Opera :
comedy (SAK Improv Comedy :
art (Orlando Museum of Art : )
dance (Orlando Ballet :
or more (Central Florida Performing Arts Alliance : )

Give the gift of service:
Professional Organizing (
Home services (
Redesign ( )
Custom storage ( )
Car Wash
Maid service ( )

Growth and Education:
The Knowledge Shop ( )
SCC Continuing Education ( )
Dance (
Life Coaching (
Business Development ( )

Toastmasters ( )
Netflix ( )
Keep Seminole Beautiful ( )

Create your own coupons:
A chore-free day
# hours of service or fun
Fun day (beach, picnic, etc.)
Their hobby

Have family portraits taken
Get their ears pierced
Have a party with their friends for no reason day
Have their memorabilia or flowers professionally preserved or framed (such as baby shoes, jerseys, bride's bouquet, dolls, etc.)
An experience (such as driving a race car, riding a horse)
Attend a concert
A hotel stay out of town
Invest $ (great for babies!)
Gospel breakfast at House of Blues

Ways to give a small gift certificate or coupon:
Give a photo album to put photos of the event in after it is finished
Print the web page of the event
Write details in a greeting card
Give the brochure
Create a scavenger hunt to find the card
Give an example (such as wrapping a Rubbermaid bin with the organizing gift certificate in it)
Write it on the back of a cute photo or picture
Sing it
Put it in a box of chocolates