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Thursday, November 6, 2008

New speech to text software!

Today is an exciting day for me - I can finally update my blog more often because I got a new software that turns my speech into text. This means that I can talk while I'm on the road driving to my clients, to my meetings and anywhere else I need to go. Talk about saving time!

What this means to you? You'll be hearing from me more often!

I'm looking forward to sharing the interesting things that go on with my organizing and time management business.

To start off, tonight I am going to an event that I am helping participate in called wine, women and wardrobe. This event is going to support Dress for Success, which is a nonprofit organization that helps women get clothes to wear to job interviews. I bring many of my donations of professional women's clothing to this organization, so I'm so excited I can participate in this event tonight! I am going to be speaking about how time management can change your appearance, attitude, professionalism and the way people see you. The event is going to have food, fashion, beauty and tips and is in Maitland, FL.

Other than that, I'm spending the day on the computer answering e-mails doing my blog, planning my schedule and otherwise doing productive things -- mostly. We all have our moments.

I'm also excited that I booked a client today who I used to work with. I'm going to be organizing her closet and absolute love hanging out with her. I used to work with her at my old job as Director of Finance - she was in sales. I'm looking forward to catching up with her as we go through her closet and getting her organized because she loves her clothes.

I should probably get back to work -- I look forward to seeing you again soon! Please let me know if there's any subject you want me to talk about that would be interesting to you. I love comments and feedback.

Now, back to organizing and computer work. See you tomorrow!

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