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Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring Cleaning!

Ah, the cold in Central Florida and Tampa is slowly leaving and we are on our way into Spring. What does that mean? Spring cleaning, of course! And Organizing your home. Although many of us dread it, the welcoming of Spring is a great time to take inventory of what we have an what we can let go of. Starting off fresh for the rest of the year is a great feeling!
Not sure how to begin? Here are some tips to help you out along the way (of course, hiring a Professional Organizer from A Space That Works Organizing is also a great way to make the most of your time and effort!)

- Now is a great time to organize and weed out the closet. Go through your winter clothes as you pack them away. If you didn’t wear it, you don’t need it (no matter how cute it is, there was something cuter you passed it up for.) This is the perfect winter to do this because it got so cold you know what you really needed.
- Next, turn all of your hangers in your closet around backwards. This way as you wear something and put it away you can replace it the right way and see at the end of the season what you never even wore (the hanger will still be backwards.) This is a very easy way to trick yourself into organizing.
- Take advantage of the final cool Central Florida days to organize your garage! Weed out all of the old toys, equipment and unpacked boxes from your move 5 years ago. If you didn’t remember it was there you probably won’t miss it.
- Do a toy purge. Now that you have all of the Christmas toys in addition to the rest of the mess it is time to pare down. The fewer toys a child has the more they can find and play with the toys they really love. Organize toys with your child into ones they love, ones they like and ones they no longer play with. It is also a great learning time and a chance to give to Central Florida children who don’t have as much. Make it a fun time for the kids – have them make a card for the child they will be giving their toys to (even if it doesn’t make it to the child it is a great way for your kids to feel like they are connecting.)

Keep watching our organizing newsletters for more tips each month. If you know a friend who would enjoy our organizing newsletters please forward this to them as well. To sign up for our newsletter write to and write newsletter in the subject line.

Suzanna Letchford
Professional Organizer
A Space That Works Organizing
Central Florida, Tampa

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