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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Services and Sites to help you Organize!

Newest Tips, Tricks and Services to Help You Organize!

What's the newest way to save time and money? Daily Money Managers! This field has recently come to the forefront due to our increasingly busy lives and time-consuming personal finance and management needs.

So, what does a Daily Money Manager do?
They will:
- Balance your checkbook
- Manage your bill payments
- File your financial, health and other vital paperwork
- Maintain vital records
- Work with your CPA, Lawyers, Insurances and more to ensure they receive what they need
- Much more

How do you find a Daily Money Manager?
You can visit the American Association of Daily Money Managers ( for more information and listings.
A Space That Works also offers this service. Suzanna Letchford has a background with Finance including studies at UCF in Finance & Accounting, years as Managing Director and Director of Finance . Call 407-416-6118 to find out more.

What is the latest link to de-stress your life? is a FANTASTIC service that allows you to:

- Add people to an address book and get event reminders
- Pick out an actual card (NOT an eCard) from a great selection of high-quality cards
- Schedule the card to arrive at either their house or yours. (You can add a personal message in your own handwriting before dropping the card back in the mail again)
- They can either pre-print the address and return address and pre-stamp or send you the address information with the card so you can hand-address it without needing to look anything up.

Never forget a birthday or event again - and toss all of those greeting cards floating around your home that you have forgotten to send!

(*Note: ASTW never receives any payment for promoting any businesses besides itself on its media. Any promotion is based solely on ASTW's personal opinion of the product.)

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