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Thursday, June 12, 2008

How Long do you Keep Papers?

How long do you have to keep papers? Well, I now have a list included in my files on my meetup site that you can print up and keep in your office.

Spend a few hours this weekend going through your old file folders and purging (remember to recycle!)

Check out the files here:

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Sharyn Hutchinson said...

Hi Suzanna,

I really enjoyed your discussion group the other day. I learned soooo much and got motivated to clean out my files. I worked ALL last weekend - threw away and shredded a ton of papers and files. I even threw out the filing cabinet!! It was old and I have another one that is much bigger and better that had lots of space so I just consolidated everything. I love to purge! It makes my chi flow:) After all that, I still haven’t gotten to business files…that was just my personal stuff. But that will be next.

Thanks so much for all your tips!

Sharyn Hutchinson